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Cloud Chamber

A sound performance event featuring sonification and live electroacoustic works by Jon Drummond with Linda Walsh, Nathan Scott, Matthew Hopcroft and some cosmic rays.

8pm-9pm Friday 11 November 2011
The Exercise Yard, The Lock-Up
90 Hunter Street, Newcastle


Jon Drummond, Linda Walsh, Nathan Scott, sublimation sonification

Linda Walsh oboe, Jon Drummond sound/video processing


Cloud Chamber Cloud Chamber Cloud Chamber

Sydney Sound Walk

Sydney Sound Walk is based on field recordings taken during a sound walk from the Archibald Fountain to Customs House Square in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Sound Walk by Jon Drummond


Jet Stream

Jet Stream is a work for flute and live computer processing.

The interactive electroacoustics in Jet Stream are created through the use of an underlying virtual model of a flute. This "hybrid" virtual instrument is controlled through parameters such as bore length, blow intensity, pressure, canal width, labium position. The "real" acoustic flute sounds are analysed with respect to tone colour, volume envelopes, frequency and spectral content. These sonic gestures are then mapped to performance parameters for the computer's virtual flute sonification. Of course the virtual flute doesn't have to conform to the physical constraints of the "real-world".

JetStream(Live) - Jon Drummond - Andrew Bishop(Flute) by anbis


Sonification for Music Therapy

In 2008 I worked with Alan Lem and Garth Paine to develop motion tracking based interactive music systems for use in music therapy sessions at the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre. This is some video documentation of our trial sessions.

Music Therapy from Garth Paine on Vimeo.


Wee Leaf - Jonathan Duckworth

Thinking Through The Body: Sensorium Gymnasium – "Wee Leaf"

In August 2009 I had the opportinity to work with the Thinking Through The Body ArtLab - a research residency led by George Khut and Lizzie Muller, with Jonathan Duckworth, Somaya Langley, Lian Loke, Garth Paine, Maggie Slattery and Catherine Truman.

For Jonathan Duckworth I developed this sonification, the Wii Balance Board 'measures' the center of gravity of participants as they try and balance a leaf on their nose, creating a gentle, spatial sonic response.

Thinking Through The Body: Sensorium Gymnasium – "Wee Leaf" from George Khut on Vimeo.


Wee Leaf @ Thinking Through The Body: Sensorium Gymnasium Wee Leaf @ Thinking Through The Body: Sensorium Gymnasium

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition is an interactive composition or performance; its identity can be considered equally in terms instrument, composition and improvisation. Composition in part becomes instrument design - mapping interfaces to sound generating parameters, but also designing algorithmic process and points of sonic potential to be realised through performance.

Pattern Recognition by Jon Drummond


Percussa AudioCubes

pi: Irrational

Π (Pi) was formed as a collaboration between Sydney-based composer/performers Jon Drummond and John Encarnacao in 1997. Using digital and analogue synthesis, the duo’s live practice is improvisatory, while their studio work takes recordings of these improvisations as the basis for further sonic playfulness. Their approach and palette are informed by a wide range of artists, from early Severed Heads, Autechre and Oval, to Stockhausen, Xennakis and Jonty Harrison. The first Π album, Irrational, was released on vinyl only in 1999 on Psychopyjama; the second, Secret Robot Business was completed in 2002, but has yet to be released.

Irrational - Π by Jon Drummond and John Encarnacao


Wireless House - Nigel Helyer

The original "Wireless House", located in HJ Foley Park on Glebe Point Road, was built in 1934 to provide radio broadcasts to the local community. For artist Nigel Helyer I developed a system to interactively playback archival audio and community oral history material from the original building. Here are some photos from the installation day.


Wireless House - Nigel Helyer Wireless House - Nigel Helyer Wireless House - Nigel Helyer

Sounding the Winds

Sounding the Winds is an instrument/sound installation that uses the movent of a kite in the wind as a gestural controller, generating a realtime electroacoustic environment in response to the kite's movements. Sensors placed on the kite measure changes in its orientation, speed and tension, transmitting the data to a ground-based computer via Bluetooth.


Sounding the Winds Sounding the Winds Sounding the Winds Sounding the Winds Sounding the Winds Sounding the Winds

Sonic Construction

Max/MSP/Jitter, Firewire video camera (iSight), Glass, Water, Sugar, Coloured Dyes, 2ch or multi-channel (configurable) sound, data projector.

Duration c. 15 - 20 min

In this work, movement and colour are used to generate a sound environment based on real-time fof synthesis and spatialisation. The slow and evolving patterns of coloured dye in a viscous liquid are mapped into various sound synthesis parameters.


Sonic Construction Sonic Construction Sonic Construction Sonic Construction Sonic Construction Sonic Construction
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